Are you tired of irritating door dings devaluing your vehicle? They are a common menace for many and can happen almost anywhere. Mall parking, airports, sporting events, offices, grocery lots; all potential dangers for your vehicle to be dented.

The risk of parking lot door dents and scratches is compounded by narrow spaces, angled parking, and heavy parking lot traffic such as restaurants, bars, events, and busy locations.  This is compounded by differences in adjacent vehicle types such as minivans, trucks, and sport utility vehicles – each with a variety of protruding shapes from the vehicle’s door design. This means more exposed areas on your vehicle for those unwanted dents.   Even a small dent can spoil the overall look and value of your vehicle.


When parking in a public space 3x per week, research shows that you will receive at least 1 door dent every 90 days.

According to,  a dent removal repair is going to cost around $150 to $500.”


Dents devalue the cost of your vehicle. Door dent insurance can cost between $300-$600 per year.


Without the right parking protection, you are leaving yourself susceptible to the damages frequently caused in parking lots.  Don’t let one of your largest investments become devalued with door dents.  Our time and research of the best methods and designs for providing maximum protection ensures that our product provides the most effective door-dent protection on the market!
Impact resistant door panels for cars. Car door guards for parking lotWhile all car door protectors serve to protect against door dings, not all car door protectors are created equal. That’s because only the DentGoalie car door protector utilizes a patented architecture, which protects a larger area of your vehicle. DentGoalie dent protectors have been designed with enhanced materials to absorb impacts. These compresses and rebound, dissipating the impact energy. The DentGoalie is the most innovative car door protection on the market!
DentGoalie’s magnetic vehicle protection panels utilize a patented design, gently holding to the vehicle and conforming to its shape, while protecting a broad area. Our magnetic strips are polymer-resign, rubber-coated to prevent scratching.

For aluminum or carbon-fiber vehicles; check out our “Suction-Cup” model. These vacuum-suction-cups are easy to use, hold firm, and provide excellent door ding protection.

  • Impact-resistant, high-density EVA foam which contours to vehicle shape
  • Panel Backside: double magnetic strips, rubber-coated for non-abrasive, firm grip    (Suction-Cup Model also available)
  • Adjustable positioning onto vehicle as necessary, per exposure within a parking space (angle & size)
  • Quick to attach & remove
  • Anti-theft security cord; vinyl-coated cable which locks inside vehicle
  • Two size options (Large & Small)
  • Two durability options (Regular Use & Heavy Duty)
  • Center Hinge System: folds flat in half for storage (Sz Lg)
More Details
  • Maximum coverage length: 10″ high x 80″ long
  • Two durability options: Regular Use or Heavy Duty
  • Center hinge system: folds flat in half for storage
  • Anti-theft security cord
  • Set of 2 panels, or single panel option
More Details
  • Protects most common exposed areas: 10″ high x 46″ long
  • Two durability options: Regular Use or Heavy Duty
  • Anti-theft security cord
  • Set of 2 panels
more Details
  • Protects most common exposed areas: 10″ high x 46″ long
  • Ideal for non-metal surfaces (aluminum or carbon-fiber body)
  • Vacuum-seal cups for firm & lasting hold
  • Anti-theft security cord
  • Set of 2 panels
“Best product on the market. Keeps my car safe and looking new.  Easy to take off and on.”

“This product is so simple and  easy to use.  Really makes a difference wherever I park.  I love it!”

“Just what we needed. People ask where we got  this and we’re highly recommending your product to all.  Thank you!”

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