Car Door Guards by DentGoalie

Are you tired of irritating door dings devaluing your vehicle? They are a common menace for many and can happen just about anywhere. Mall parking, airports, sporting events, offices, grocery lots; all potential dangers for your vehicle to be dented.  Standard car door protectors & molding-strips simply do not cover enough exposed areas.  Only the DentGoalie car door guard covers the proper areas to shield your vehicle from other car door sizes and protruding shapes while remaining easy to use.

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Keep Your Investment Looking New!


Proactive Dent Protection

Applied When Parking

  • Impact-resistant, high-density EVA foam which contours to vehicle shape
  • Panel Backside: double magnetic strips, rubber-coated for non-abrasive, firm grip
  • Adjustable positioning onto vehicle as necessary, per exposure within a parking space (angle & size)
  • Anti-theft security cord; vinyl-coated cable which locks inside vehicle
  • Quick to attach & remove
  • Two size options (Large & Small)
  • Two durability options (Regular Use & Heavy Duty)
  • Center Hinge System: folds flat in half for storage (Sz Lg)

After researching and testing several products and materials, our team developed these flexible, impact-resistant panels for excellent protection when parking from impacts to the most often exposed areas of vehicles. Our patent-pending door ding deflection pads offer a unique solution to unwanted dents and scratches.

*Not intended for use with Non-Magnetic surfaces. (for suction-cup door-ding protection panels: click here)


The risk of parking lot door dents and scratches is compounded by narrow spaces, angled parking, heavy parking lot traffic. At the same time,vehicle damage is effected by differences in adjacent vehicle types such as minivans, trucks, and sport utility vehicles – each with a variety of protruding shapes from the vehicle’s door design. This means more exposed spots on your vehicle for door dings. Even at home, DentGoalie door dent protection safeguards your vehicle in the garage or a shared driveway.

Research and Development with Recognized Results! Our design team has dedicated a vast amount of time researching and testing several products and materials. Measurements and observations were performed on multiple vehicle styles, shapes, and sizes to determine the most common vertical height and horizontal length strike-zones on side/exteriors that are prone to door dents from adjacent vehicles. Our studies confirm that the majority of door dent damage falls within the dimensions covered by our size large door protection panels, measuring 10″ high x 80″ long. The sweet-spot for the most common damage resulting from adjacent vehicles is covered by the dimensions of our size small door protection panels, measuring 10″ high x 46″ long. Each size offered can easily be adjusted into position based on your parking space and the positioning of other vehicles. Our patent-pending door ding deflection pads offer a unique solution to those unwanted dents and scratches.

We’ve Got You Covered! Two sizes to choose from, and two strength options: 1) Regular-Use: excellent protection for usual impacts to your vehicle, or 2) Heavy-Duty: with an added layer of protection for those who face extreme, continuous door-ding abuse.

Dent Removal vs. Dent Protection Panels: When parking your vehicle in a public parking space at least 3x per week, research shows that you will likely receive at least 1 noticeable door ding every 3 months. Not only that, but you have an increased risk of door dings when parking at restaurants, bars, events, and busy locations. Even a small dent can spoil the overall look of your vehicle. For dent removal, according to, “. . .plan on spending around $100 to $150 for the first ding and $75 for each one after. . . .it is going to cost around $150 to $500.”

The average base-cost for a single dent removal is:

1″ Diameter Dent: $100 – $125.
1″ – 2″ Diameter Dent: $150.
2″+ Diameter Dent: $200

Additional costs may be incurred for:

Depth & location of the dents
Access (e.g. removal of parts to reach back of dented areas)
Internal obstacles (e.g. bracing or wiring behind the dents)
Paint refinishing if required
Drilling holes to pull dents
Panel replacement if required

While professional dent repair requires special tools and skills that are worth the expense to restore a vehicle’s condition, it’s time to be proactive and get yourself DentGoalie car door guards that deliver protection from damage, costs and the hassles of repair.

door-ding-parking-lotWithout DentGoalie to protect your vehicle, you are leaving yourself susceptible to the damages frequently caused in parking lots.  Don’t let one of your largest investments become devalued with door dents.  The extensive time spent researching the best methods and designs for providing maximum protection that has been completed by DentGoalie ensures that our product provides the most effective door-dent protection on the market!
Door-Ding-Deflector-Car-Door-Guards-DentGoalie-Sz-L While all car door protectors serve to protect against door dings, not all car door protectors are created equally. That’s because only the DentGoalie magnetic car door protector utilizes a patent-pending architecture, which protects a larger area of your vehicle. DentGoalie dent protectors have been designed with enhanced materials to absorb impacts. These compresses and rebound, dissipating the impact energy. The DentGoalie is the most innovative car door protection on the market!
door-ding-protectorDentGoalie car door protectors are manufactured with strong rubber-coated, non-abrasive magnetic strips that hold securely to vehicles. Unlike other products on the market, with DentGoalie, there are no hassles with weak suction cups, clumsy rubber bumper-pads, or thin molding strips.

Protect Your Investment!

Eliminate the stress associated with parking lots.  Protect your vehicle with DentGoalie’s patented door ding protection pads!