Babies, dogs, and takeout food. These are a few things you know to NEVER leave in a hot car. As temperatures rise in summer months, you may be surprised to find what other things you shouldn’t leave inside your vehicle.

According to, even at 70 degrees F on a sunny day, your car can reach over 110 degrees. At over 80 degrees, the temperature can climb between 130 to 172 degrees.

That’s why it’s important to never leave these 6 things in your car this summer:

  1. Medications

If you read the label on most medications, it specifically says to keep in room temperature. Some medications may even have a warning label to keep out of the sun. Keeping medications in the car can not only make them melt, it can also change their chemical composition. In many cases it can decrease the strength of medication as well.

It’s best to take your medications with you or keep in the house.

2. Electronics

You probably shouldn’t be keeping your computers or cameras in the car for the first place for safety reasons, and you definitely shouldn’t in the summer. The heat can melt the metal and/or battery within your electronics, and your car probably can get a lot hotter than you think it is.

3. Sunscreen

It may seem like leaving sunscreen in the car is a good idea in case you’re outside in the summer. However, sunscreen is meant to be kept at room temperature, and can explode in hot temperatures.  Metal or plastic tubes are known for exploding inside hot cars.

It’s best to apply this at home and take it with you to avoid your car smelling like suntan lotion for a year.

4. Lighters

Lighters are one of those things you can always find in your car, and most people wouldn’t think twice about leaving them in their car in the summer. However, like sunscreen, the heat and pressure can cause lighters to explode. Most lighters labels say you shouldn’t expose them to heat greater than 120 F, which is a temperature a car can easily reach.

  1. Plastic water bottles

This one seems like a no-brainer, but is still a common mistake that seemingly everyone makes. Though you need to stay hydrated in the summer, leaving plastic in the car is a big no-no. Not only can it melt and leave your car with a terrible smell, the plastic can release toxins into your water. If you do forget about a plastic water bottle in the car, make sure you NEVER drink the water.

6. Batteries

Another item most of us could probably find hidden somewhere in our car. Batteries should not be left in a hot car, because they can leak. Harmful battery acid can cause a number of health issues, including skin and eye irritation.

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