DentGoalie is a family-owned business that started with a light-bulb moment in the garage. Our owner and creator, Randy Schmidt, also an avid hockey player and goalie, was sick of getting door dents in parking lots. So, he decided to create something himself, and DentGoalie was born.

After 4 years of trial and error,  trying numerous materials,  researching multiple vehicle dimensions (and kicked out of lots of parking lots)…  DentGoalie is now a patent-protected online store that ships worldwide. Our business is expanding extensively, but we still remain true to our family-run roots.


We are the global leaders in door dent protectors, due to our quality design and customization options.


All of our DentGoalie products are hand-made in the USA, and we buy all of our materials from USA distributors. We have perfected our craftsmanship over several years to ensure that we provide our customers with quality products.

Each of our car door protectors is individually inspected by our team so that you can rest assured you are getting a durable product made to last.

We value our customers’ feedback, and have used feedback as a way to perfect our products to meet your needs.

All of our small DentGoalie shops operate safely with proper Covid-19 protection measures.

Thank you for supporting our family business.

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