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Auto theft is particularly prevalent in many parts of the country, and thieves are known to target all types of vehicles. There is a long list of tasks to help you avoid vehicle theft so if you want to avoid becoming a victim of auto theft, here are a few precautions you should take to keep your vehicle safe.

Get the Right Alarm System

You will want to make sure that you have a burglar alarm system that adequately protects your vehicle. Your alarm should be able to detect intruders who may try to enter through any vehicle door or your trunk. There are even antitheft features included with certain security systems that send out distress signals if your vehicle falls into the wrong hands.

Lock Your Doors

As obvious as it may seem, many vehicles still end up getting stolen because their owners left the doors unlocked. In addition to the door for the driver’s side, you should make sure that all of your front and rear passenger doors are locked. Even if you use a keyless remote, your device may not be locking all of your doors, and it is a good idea to manually check each door to make sure they are secure.

Keep Your Vehicle Maintained

Even though you may believe that a well-maintained vehicle is more likely to attract thieves, keeping your vehicle up to standard can actually be a deterrent. A vehicle that is well-maintained is likely to have sturdier locks and an up-to-date security system, which could discourage thieves from trying to steal your vehicle and help you avoid vehicle theft.

Get a Smart Key

Some newer cars come with smart keys that contain computer chips that are specifically made to work with just your vehicle. These chips cannot be duplicated or altered, and it will be impossible to start your vehicle without using your smart key.

Buy a Boot

Tire boots make it impossible for tires roll, and installing a boot on one of your tires while parked is a great way to keep your car safe and help you avoid vehicle theft. A boot can be kept in your trunk and quickly placed on any tire.

Leave Valuables Out of Sight

It is always advisable for you to not leave any valuables in your vehicle that could further entice car thieves. If you need to leave any valuables in your vehicle, you should store them under seats, in your trunk or in other areas where they will be out of sight.

Park in Areas with Good Lighting

Thieves are sometimes known to target vehicles that are parked in poorly lit areas because it is easier to commit auto theft without being seen. Parking in a well-lit area will essentially shine a spotlight on your vehicle and make it more difficult for thieves to hide their malicious activities.

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