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Everyone knows that the best way to keep your car running smoothly for a long time is by keeping up with regular maintenance. At the same time, there are so many thoughts as to when you should maintain the various aspects of your vehicle. Your friend may suggest one thing for your tires that differs from what your dad always taught you. Inevitably, you have the “mechanic” friend who knows everything there is to know about maintaining a car. But, with all of the contradictory information that surrounds the topic, when is the right time to take your car in to an authorized mechanic?

The truth is, you should really just open up your owners manual for your specific vehicle and follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance guidelines. If you have purchased a vehicle that didn’t come with an owner’s manual, as I have done on many occasions, it is most likely available on the manufacturer’s website. The manufacturers are continually striving to appeal to customers and potential buyers by providing digital products for their vehicles.

As an added bonus to this tidbit of information, we have compiled a list of recommended maintenance times that will apply to most vehicles. I must stress, however, that your specific vehicle may differ from this list and you should always revert back to your owner’s manual and manufacturer’s recommendations. For additional maintenance tips, check out some of our other blogs.

Headlights & Small Bulbs Check Weekly
Battery 6,000 Mile Inspection
C-V Boots 6,000 Mile Inspection
Tire Rotation 5,000 Miles
Wheel Alignment 6,000 Mile Inspection
Air Filter 12,000 Mile Inspection
Breather Filter 12,000 Mile Inspection
Canister Filter 12,000 Mile Inspection
Cooling System Service 12,000 Miles / 12 Months
Emission Service 12,000 Mile Inspection
Engine Analysis 12,000 Mile Inspection
Engine Tune-UP (non-computer) 12000 Miles
Exhaust Parts 12,000 Mile Inspection
Fuel Filter (Carburetor) 12,000 Miles
Fuel Filter (Injection) 12,000 Miles
PCV Valve 12,000 Miles / 24 Months
Shock Absorbers 12,000 Mile Inspection
Steering Parts 12,000 Mile Inspection
Struts & Cartridges 12,000 Mile Inspection
Wheel Bearings Repack Seals (Non-Drive Axle) 12,000 Miles
Air Conditioning Service 24,000 Miles / 24 Months
Brakes 24,000 Mile Inspection
C-V Joints 24,000 Mile Inspection
Drive Axle Bearings & Seals 24,000 Mile Inspection
Engine Tune-Up (Computer) 24,000 Miles
Fan/Accessory Belts 24,000 Miles
Fuel Injector Cleaning 24,000 Miles
Power Flush Cooling System 24,000 Miles
Suspension Parts 24,000 Mile Inspection
Transmission Service 24,000 / 24 Months
Oxygen Sensor 30,000 Mile Inspection
Cooling System Hoses 36,000 Miles / 36 Months
Universal Joints 36,000 Mile Inspection
Vacuum Modulator 36,000 Miles / 36 Months
Timing Belts 60,000 Miles / 48 Months

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