3 Convenient Car Gadgets

As Father’s Day is soon upon us, many are trying to figure out the perfect gift to get dad for Father’s Day.  While it is sometimes difficult to surprise our dads with a gift they will actually enjoy, that doesn’t have to be the case this year.  We have put together a couple of ideas that are perfect for the special father, or father figure, in your life to open this year.

Keep dad safe by helping him stay focused while behind the wheel of his car.  Eliminating texts while driving with the TextBuster safely disables data functions to the driver’s phone only while inside the vehicle. It prevents the driver from accessing all text, email or internet functions but does not block incoming or outgoing phone calls.

For door-ding protection, a proactive remedy is DentGoalie vehicle door guards. These removable, flexible door ding protection panels will keep dad’s hot rod (or minivan) from getting annoying dents when he parks his car.  They easily attach to the vehicle when parked so he doesn’t have to worry about how they look when he is driving around showing off his sweet ride. Two sizes are available and these magnetic car door panels are universal for use on most vehicles.

A popular dash-cam recording device is the Falcon F-360 HD Rear View Mirror Camera. All your dad has to do is fit it over the car’s rear-view mirror.  It can be used to record incidents for insurance claims, scenic drives, or family road trips. The Falcon F-360 HD camera connects to the vehicle with the supplied USB charger and it can be connected to a HD TV or a computer with the appropriate adapters.

These are just a few ideas that we know a lot of dads wish they had.  Be proactive and don’t wait until the last minute to get your dad something special for Father’s Day this year.  Just check out the links we provided above or go back and check out our home page for DentGoalie.

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