Looking for a car door protector?

Your vehicle is an investment worth protecting, and you deserve the finest products available to keep it free from car dents and dings. We’re here to help you in your research process with a few essentials to consider when looking for the ultimate car door protector.

 Protection Coverage

Protecting your vehicle from everyday door dents and dings comes down to an exact science.

1. Adjoining parked cars, SUVs, or trucks have numerous door designs, sizes and shapes. Each has a distinct protrusion points that come in contact with your car. Car door protector products that are too narrow will leave your car exposed. This is why the size and height of your car door protector is crucial. We recommend 10″ wide

 2. Parking lot spaces are often angled, which makes your vehicle even more susceptible to door dents and dings. Even in standard spaces, people park randomly, exposing additional sections of your car. This means that your car door protector must also be long enough. This is why we recommend a minimum of 46″ long, with 70″ for stronger protection


In terms of durability, you should be looking for two elements: impact resistance and firm grip for your vehicle.  

Impact resistance. The key to the right car door protector is a material used to embrace impact. Some products are made of cheap materials that don’t offer reliable protection against a blunt force. We recommend products made with EVA foam to best protect your vehicle. 

Firm grip. You want to find a car door protector that won’t fall off AND won’t scratch the paint on your car. You’ll want to find a magnetic car door protector made with a rubber coating on the backside, so it won’t scratch your vehicle. Also, if you have an aluminum car, you’ll want to look for heavy-duty suction cups that won’t fall off. 


 You don’t want to buy a product that only sits in your garage, right? That’s why when looking for car door protector panels, you want something that you can quickly apply in the parking lot.  

Products that require extra time attaching hooks, or security apparatus inside the car can be a hassle. If car door guards covering both sides of your vehicle only take a minute or two to apply or remove, this is worth the time.

DentGoalie Car Door Protectors

Here at DentGoalie, our family business has spent over 5 years researching and testing several products and materials.  As a result, our team developed these flexible, impact-resistant panels that provide excellent protection from door dings and door dents when parking.  Our patented door ding protector pads offer a unique solution to all of those unwanted dents and scratches. 



  • Best for maximum protection
  • Set of 2 panels : each 10″ high x 70″ long
  • Regular or heavy duty durability options
  • Center hinge system that folds flat for storage
  • Security cable attached


  • Best to protect vehicle’s sweet spots
  • Set of 2 panels : each 10″ high x 46″ long
  • Regular or heavy duty durability options
  • Lays flat on vehicle
  • Security cable attached


  • Best for aluminum or carbon-fiber bodies
  • Set of 2 panels : each 10″ high x 70″ long
  • Vacuum-seal cups for firm & lasting hold
  • Heavy duty durability
  • Security cable attached

DentGoalie has you covered!

We are the global leaders in door dent protectors, due to our quality design and customization options.

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