DentGoalie is the industry leader in car door ding protectors, recommended by AAAIn the KnowInteresting Engineering, and many more. With the widest surface area of all other products on the market, our patented design is made to fit a variety of vehicle sizes, shapes, and door sizes.  Our customers have saved hundreds of dollars over the years in dent repair with our unique car door protection guards.  

All of our car door protection products products are made of impact-resistant EVA foam that contours to the shape of your vehicle. Panels are secured with durable magnetic strips, or suction cups for non-aluminum cars. Each panel has a security cord that attached to the inside of your vehicle to prevent theft.

The secret to our products is simple: quality protection. Our family-run business prioritizes quality over quantity, with each of our items hand-made in our shops in the USA. Each car door ding protector utilizes a durable EVA foam that contours to the shape of your vehicle. Each panel also comes with a separate security cord to prevent any theft in the parking lot. Though over the past five years since we started DentGoalie, we haven’t had a single customer report of theft!

We value our customer’s feedback, which is why over the years we have adapted and expanded our product selection to meet the needs of ALL vehicles. Our products can be customized with: size, durability, and adhesive grip. 


All of our products either come in size large or small. Size small is meant to protect your vehicle’s sweet spots from damage. However, if you’re looking for maximum protection, we recommend our size large car door guards. You may also purchase a single or a set of 2 panels in our size large. We recommend size large for larger vehicles like trucks or SUVs, OR anyone interested in maximum protection. Below you may select between what size you would like. 


Our car door ding protectors also come in two durability options: regular and heavy-duty. Regular durability provides a base layer of car door protection to prevent everyday door dings. Our heavy-duty models are meant for vehicles that receive repeated abuse and need extra protection in the parking lot. You can customize your durability options for large or small sizes upon checkout. 


Lastly, you also have the choice between magnetic or suction cup models. Our magnetic car door ding protectors are for regular metal cars. However, after listening to the feedback of our customers, we also added our suction cup model for non-metal cars, such as aluminum or fiberglass surfaces. 

Our products are meant to be used ONLY on parked cars. Simply grab the panels out of the trunk, attach the security chord to the inside of your vehicle, close the door, and attach the magnetic strips. The great thing about our car door guards is that they don’t need to be exactly straight or parallel to protect your vehicle. You can rest assured that the design is wide and long enough that simple attaching into the middle of your car door area will be enough to protect your vehicle’s vulnerable spots. Please watch the videos above for more information on applying the panels.  

We provide free shipping within the continental USA, and we ship worldwide. We ship regularly to Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and beyond. To calculate shipping, you may simply enter your address upon checkout to receive a shipping calculation, or you may contact us in advance. 

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