Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some common questions about DentGoalie Car Door Protectors.

Which size panels are best for my vehicle; Large or Small?

Large (70″ length per each full panel) is for all vehicle sizes, both 2-dr and 4-dr and typically covers front to back, wheel-well to wheel-well. To attach, you hold the panel aligned in position, press it on,  and the rubber-coated magnetic strips hold firmly in place.

Small (46″ length) targets the sweet-spot area in the middle/side of vehicle.

If unsure of best size; look at your vehicle’s design and measure the flat surface area to accommodate either the 70″x 10″ or 46″x 10″ panel.  (The two magnet strips on our panel’s backside, top & bottom edges, extend 10″ apart).

Which durability option do I need: Regular or Heavy Duty?

Both options provide excellent protection.

The Regular Use model is most commonly purchased and is hi-density, impact resistant material, offering optimal flexibility and protection.

The Heavy Duty model (double layer added) is slightly heavier & slightly less flexible than the Regular model, and is intended for those faced with extreme door-ding abuse on a continual basis, typically in tightly-packed, hi-traffic parking areas.

How much time does it take to attach the panels to my vehicle?
These take less than a minute to attach. The rubber-coated magnet strips gently and firmly adhere once placed onto vehicle.

The Suction Cup model (recommended for aluminum or fiberglass/carbon fiber bodies), take minimal time to push & tighten the suction cups for a firm hold.

How are these different than other door dent guards?
Our door ding protection pads (even size small) cover more area on your vehicle than many other products available. You need to buy multiple units of other door guard products to have the same coverage as our size large.  These door dent protection pads can also be adjusted in position as necessary based on the parking space angle each time you park.
How does the security cord work?

Each panel has a cable securely attached that slips inside the closed door. The cable is rubber-coated steel wire, with a 2″ rubber ring on the end to prevent it from being pulled out of a closed door. This prevents easy or impromptu theft of your DentGoalie car door protector. To steal the panel, one would need a strong wire or bolt cutter.

Will the panels hold up in hot or cold weather?

These function in hot and cold climates. In extreme frigid temps, if placing the panels at room temp before using (10 minutes), this allows optimal flexibility & contouring features. In severe heat & direct sunlight, we do not recommend leaving the panels on a vehicle with extreme surface temps for prolonged periods. (Overheated rubber material can deteriorate. Magnet strips will accommodate <120 degrees surface temps on vehicles. Hot sun for several hours may exceed max temp recommendation especially on a dark vehicle. Recommended to avoid prolonged periods on vehicle in high temps and sun, or long periods stored in trunk in high temps and direct sunlight on trunk.)

Will the magnetic strips scratch my car?
The magnetic strips are rubber polymer resin coated and will not scratch with proper use when placed on, or removed from vehicles. Simply set panels in position and let the rubber-coated strips hold firmly in place. As with any item placed onto your car such as a briefcase or gym bag, sliding it on/off is not recommended in order to avoid abrasions.
Where is best spot on my vehicle to place the panels?
These door ding protection pads offer broad protection for multiple body styles and can be adjusted in position. A flush surface for the magnets to grip is recommended.

If your vehicle’s design has deep ridges, sharp curves, or protruding handles, the panels grip best onto the flat exposed surfaces just below a deep ridge-line or non-flush handles.  The sweet-spot for optimal protection is below these areas:


The panels may also be attached onto a flush, long ridge-line:


This hi-density foam (for proper protection) will conform to curves in body styles, but does not sharply notch over abrupt edges.

Will the magnet strips on the panels grip to aluminum or fiberglass body parts?
Magnetic strips will only hold to non-aluminum metal.  A small % of vehicles have aluminum or fiberglass/carbon fiber body parts.  If you’re unsure, we suggest the refrigerator-magnet test on your vehicle.

For non-magnetic surfaces, we have the suction-cup door guard available. These are heavy-duty rubber suction cups that are pushed onto the vehicle for a firm seal and quickly hand-tightened for a lasting hold.

Can I custom-order a specific size for my needs?
Yes. While most find that our current size options provide great coverage, you can contact us for special order needs.
What is your return policy?
Returns accepted up to 14 day notification to us after you receive product.  Buyer is responsible for return shipping. (We do not assume responsibility for improper or uncommon use of product).  For additional information, please contact us or read our terms and conditions.

For any other questions, please contact us at info@dentgoalie.com