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You put a lot of time, money, and care into your vehicle. Making it last a long time and keeping it looking good makes sense for such a big investment. While there are many things one could do to and keep your car looking new, here are just a few ideas to help you enjoy driving that car as long as you own it.

  • Keep a clean interior
  • Keep a clean exterior
  • Keep it covered

Keeping it Clean

One great preventative to keep the car’s interior in excellent shape requires not eating in the car. While eating on the go is convenient, keeping spills and food away from your upholstery and floor mats is a big step in keeping visible wear and tear to a minimum.

Clean Interior

When working to keep your car looking new, work on the interior before the exterior. That way anything that makes its way outside while you are working on the inside will get cleaned anyway. Start with a spot-shampoo on the carpeting to keep it looking nice. Bad weather makes this an especially important step to prevent staining. The same carpet cleaner you use in your house should do the trick. Next, vacuum everything. You can also spot clean your upholstery with a spray-foam product made for this purpose. Spray on some fabric protector to repel dirt and stains. If you have leather seats, apply leather-restoring cream with a soft towel. Be sure to use spray-on products made especially for plastic or rubber on vinyl upholstery, the dashboard, and trim. Applying these products on a regular basis prevents drying, fading, and cracking. Make sure to clean the windows frequently, inside and out. Household window cleaners work well for glass surfaces. If the car has tinted windows, some recommend using a vinegar and water mixture for optimal effect. Protective mats safeguard against getting dirt, mud, and water on carpeting. Rubber mats are easier to clean than carpeted. They can be hosed off and dried quickly.

Clean Exterior

Keep the outside washed. This keeps your car shiny and newer-looking no matter how old. Make sure to wash the underside of the car as well. This limits rust build-up and corrosion. Wax your car regularly. Protect the paint from stains. Stains can develop from the weather. Some waxing types even protect from ultraviolet light fading.

Garage It

The most important way to keep your car looking new is to keep it covered. The most harmful damage occurs to a car at night as a result of moisture condensation on the car surface. Whether you keep the car in a garage, under an overhang, or a car cover, keeping the dew off of it is important. Keeping your car immaculate makes you proud to drive it. You may not get tired of it as fast and that’s good news for you and your budget. When you do decide to take it for a trade-in, your hard work in maintaining a meticulous vehicle will bring in additional cash when it finally comes time.

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