DentGoalie has spent a vast amount of time researching and testing several products and materials.  As a result, our team has developed these flexible, impact-resistant panels that provide excellent protection from door dings and door dents when parking in exposed areas. Our patent-pending door ding deflection pads offer a unique solution to all of those unwanted dents and scratches.


  • Panels: All season, weatherproof, high density, closed-cell EVA-foam to shield against impacts
  • Two sizes: Large: (80″ x 10″) and Small: (46″ x 10″)
  • Two durability options: Regular Usage or Heavy Duty (details at Purchase options)
  • Tested on multiple vehicle shapes and designs (Universal: 2-dr, 4-dr, SUVs & trucks)
  • Impact-resistant, while contouring to vehicle shape
  • Panel backside: double magnetic strips, rubber-coated for non-abrasive & firm grip (Not intended for aluminum or fiberglass body parts. For suction-cup door-ding protection panels: click here)
  • Adjustable positioning onto vehicle as necessary, per exposure within a parking space (angle & size)
  • Anti-theft security cord; locks inside vehicle
  • Quick to attach & easy to remove
  • Center Hinge System: Large panel folds in half for easy storage

With all of the products available in stores, and online, for protecting and maintaining your vehicle, it can be difficult to pick the best item. Your vehicle represents a significant investment and you deserve the finest products available to keep it looking new and free from door dings. Things to consider when looking for car door guards are:

Protection Coverage. Consider the total area of your vehicle that your door guard will cover. It would be nice if the door of every car parked next to you lined up perfectly with the car door guard you place on your vehicle, but that unfortunately doesn’t happen. It may seem as though any product will do the trick but some actually will not provide adequate protection, considering that:

1. Parking lot spaces can be angled which drastically changes where an adjoining parked car’s door will hit your car. Even in standard spaces, people park randomly, exposing additional sections of your car. This means that a car door protection pad that is too short in length may not extend far enough to shield your car.

2. Adjoining parked cars, SUVs, or trucks have numerous door designs, sizes and shapes, each with distinct protrusion points that come in contact with your car. The height of your car door guard is crucial to safeguard from door dings, and one that is too narrow in height will leave your car exposed.

Reliability. Aftermarket car door guard protection devices with magnetic hold are most popular for non-aluminum and fiberglass vehicles. Car door protectors that attach with standard suction cups may pop on quickly, but can also fall off just as quickly. Regardless of the product, keep it (and your vehicle) free of noticeable dirt. Also for best results and reliability, avoid repeatedly sliding a door ding protector on the vehicle’s finish so as to prevent micro-scratches, similar to sliding a briefcase across the hood of your car.

Convenience. You should not need to spend excessive time applying or removing the device from the vehicle. You’ll consistently use your car door guard more often if it is convenient and easy to use once familiar with handling it. Products that require extra time attaching cables, hooks, or security apparatus inside the car can be a hassle. If car door guards covering both sides of your vehicle only take a minute or two to apply or remove, this is worth the time.