Car scratches are minor annoyances that can cause major damage to your vehicle. Car scratches not only ruin the paint finish of your car, they can devalue your vehicle and be expensive to repair.

But is there any way to do this yourself? A simple Google or Youtube search will show you that you actually can. One way we’ve heard from many of our clients is to remove scratches with toothpaste.

If you’re curious how this works, we’re here to break down exactly how this works, and if it right for you.

What Type of Car Scratches are There?

Not all car scratches are made the same. This is when it is important to understand the different layers of the car’s paint body so you can assess the damage before taking action.

Clear coat scratches are a scratch on the outer coating of the vehicle, not the paint itself. This clear coat is meant to protect against environmental damages, however it still can be easily scratches. Anything like a zipper or even pet’s jumping on your car could cause a clear coat scratch.

A primer scratch goes a bit deeper and usually digs into the primer of your vehicle, removing some of the color. These cuts definitely look a bit more ugly, and would take much more force than a clear coat scratch. As Nu Way Car center explains, “This means that the body of the vehicle is still protected from rust and the most bottom layer has yet to be exposed.”

An actual paint scratch to your vehicle is actually the worst of its kind. This means that the cut exposes the metal, or aluminum of your car, which can eventually cause rust. These scratches are more serious and costly to repair.

Remove Scratches with Toothpaste on Your Car

Given that not all car scratches are the same, you may not be able to try the toothpaste method on every scratch. In order to remove scratches with toothpaste, it will work on a clear coat scratch, but not an actual paint scratch.

The issue is that many times the scratch looks worse than it actual is. It might look like a deep primer scratch, when in reality it is just a clear coat scratch. How does this work?

Well to start, you have to consider the other object that scratched your car may have also rubbed off color, dirt, or debris. That’s why the first step in removing car scratches with toothpaste is so important.

Step 1: gently cleanse the entire surface of the scratch with soap, water, and a towel. It is best to use a cotton towel and not auto sandpaper. Some people recommend auto sandpaper, but this could potentially cause more damage. Wipe clean and then let dry.

Step 2: The next step is to rub the toothpaste into the entire scratch area. Colgate with tartar protection seems to work best, but it could be any generic type. If you let it sit for about 10 minutes, the toothpaste will react with the clear coat and other scuffs marks rubbed into it.

Step 3: Gently rub the toothpaste out with the towel in circles. Voila! You should find that it clears out the damage and extra color on the clear coat.

Step 4: For optimal protection, you can add a layer of wax, as is suggested in the video above. Since you rubbed some of your clear coat off, the wax will just give this area extra protection.

Our final verdict? Toothpaste is not a cure-all solution for all car scratches. However, it’s definitely worth a shot. Most people clear their car scratches anyways, so adding this extra step will likely not cause anymore damage. In fact, it just might work and save you a couple hundred dollars in repair!

How to prevent door dings and scratches

remove scratches with toothpaste. Car door protector panels on vehicle in parking lot.

The best way to prevent car scratches is to seek better preventative treatments. DentGoalie’s car door protector panels protect the sides of your vehicle from door dents, dings, and all type of scratches.

We make magnetic and suction cup models for both metal and aluminum surfaces. Our products come in size small and large with regular or heavy duty durability.

If you’re interested in providing maximum protection for your vehicle, learn more here to see all of our products.

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