“My name is Josh Bidwell, former 12-year Professional Football player and All-Pro.  Keeping my vehicles in pristine condition has been of the utmost importance to me.  I always washed, waxed and cleaned my vehicles painstakingly to keep them as new looking as possible.  However, I never could seem to protect my vehicles from the dreaded “door-ding” even in my own garage.  I tried my own fixes, even hanging blankets out of my  windows.  I spent years looking online to try to find anything that would be an obvious choice but it never happened until I saw the door guards by DentGoalie.  

It was love at first sight for me.  After trying both the magnetic and suction cup versions of their door guards, I was hooked.  This product is incredible and the best part is that it can be used in any public setting thanks to their ingenious way to lock them via a cord shut inside the door.  Now parking at a distance is not necessary, and the installation takes only seconds.  My fear of the runaway cart, a car parking within inches of my own, and the “Door Ding Hit and Run” are not a worry.   I could not be happier and am thankful that the group at DentGoalie has done something to keep our vehicles in tip top shape.  Thanks DentGoalie Team, you all are the best!”

“These are the best products on the market, hands down! Great design. I like how the panels are easy to install and take off. I really like how they lay snug on my car and don’t protrude out like other products that get bumped around by people walking by. These keep my car looking brand new.”


“Excellent workmanship. I like the tough ‘industrial’ look even though these are flexible foam material. DentGoalie is the only one that thought about a “full-protection” option.  These size large 70-inch length protectors do cover as advertised! The hinges that let me fold them in half when not using makes it easy too. My daughter has the smaller size 46-inch protectors that she can quickly pop them on and off her car when running around the city and this does the trick to avoid dents in those ‘common’ ding areas on her doors. Thanks for your car protection guards.”


“Impressive customer service! Thanks for the quick response and help to be sure I ordered the right product for my car.  Your team went above and beyond to answer my questions. Delivery time was great, in spite of pandemic delays. The product was packaged nicely and I appreciated the instruction sheet that includes tips + how to maintain them and keep the panels in good shape. I take care of them, and they take care of me!”


“These work great and I’ve saved quite a bit of money not needing dent repairs.  It’s a relief to walk away from my parked car, in any space I choose, knowing I won’t come back to a new nick or ding! Especially at busy shopping lots and restaurants where people come and go quickly and pay little attention. I used to be that guy parked way out at the end of the lot… but no more. The security cable is also a plus and I like how its easy to place it into the car. Simple and effective!   


“As a Postal Worker, I constantly scratched my SUV when brushing up against mail boxes and posts. The mailboxes were fine but those metal edges are horrible to a vehicle that comes in contact! DentGoalie eliminated the problem. I gave them my make/model SUV and they customized a good-looking panel that I use on my entire delivery route. Rain or shine, this car door guard works great for me


“People ask me where I bought these car door guards and I’ll keep referring them your way. My city seems to have small parking spaces and these protectors are helping save my car’s value! I like the ease of use and effectiveness. Thanks for the excellent communication with shipping and tracking too.”


“I have a brand new truck and of course when I carefully parked in a public ramp I came back and someone had opened their door and dented my shiny new truck. Instant frustration!  So I made the purchase for the larger DentGoalie protection guards. They work great. Later I contacted the seller for additional magnet strips and they sent them right out to me. What great customer care.”


“Love it and really works!  I wish I’d found this sooner because this is serious protection for my car. People ask where I bought this!  Easy to use and the anti-theft cable is a great added benefit!”


“Almost one year and no dents! The length protects my car from all other vehicle sizes my car comes up against. Genius design!  Really like this product and it does work as described. I’ve had it almost a year now and no door dings. I park in a ramp everyday, and my previous vehicle got all dinged up. I got a new car and looked all over for something to stop the door dings. I thought this was a good idea. Turns out, it works great. Also the cable that tucks inside the door keeps would-be thieves from taking it. Very well made, easy to use, secure. Highly recommended.”



We are the global leaders in door dent protectors, due to our quality design and customization options.

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