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My name is Josh Bidwell, former 12 year Professional Football player and All-Pro.  For my life, keeping my vehicles in pristine condition both inside and out has been of the utmost importance to me.  I have always washed, waxed and cleaned my vehicles painstakingly in order to keep them as new looking as possible.  There was however, one area that I never could seem to protect my vehicles in and that is the dreaded “door-ding.”  No matter how far away I park my vehicle, it always seems like there is a simple inevitability I could never overcome, even in my own garage.  I tried to manufacture my own fixes for years, even hanging blankets out of my rolled down windows, but it still was not enough and also very tedious.   I spent years looking online to try to find anything that would be an obvious choice but that never happened.  Until, I happened upon the Door Guards by DentGoalie.  It was love at first sight for me and I knew someone had finally solved the problem.  After trying both the magnetic and suction cup versions of their Door Guards, personally I was hooked.  This product is incredible and the best part is that it can be used in any public setting thanks to their ingenious way to lock them via a cord shut inside the door.  Now parking at a distance is not necessary, and the installation on and off takes only seconds.  My fear of the runaway cart, a car parking within inches of my own, and the “Door Ding Hit and Run” are not a worry for me anymore.   I could not be happier and am thankful that the group at DentGoalie has done something that all of us can practically use and enjoy as we seek to keep our vehicles in tip top shape.  Thanks DentGoalie Team, you all are the best!