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If you’d like to sell a car at the highest possible price, several steps must be followed during the preparation phase. Many things can affect a vehicle’s market value, so you’ll have to resolve all mechanical and cosmetic issues before you implement any sales procedures and have any hope to sell your car for top dollar.

Tackle Operational Problems

By visiting an automotive shop, you can get a thorough inspection for less than $30. Consumers will pay more for a car that has durable tires, efficient brakes, and working lights. They’ll also make a higher offer if all of the maintenance icons are off.

Request a History Report

In most cases, a typical vehicle will have hidden problems that aren’t easy to detect. This can be a huge problem because you won’t get great offers if these faulty components aren’t repaired in advance. When consumers shop for used cars, they usually visit a vehicle history site and request a report. If you want a tactical advantage, you should get a report before you put an ad in the newspaper.

Detail the Car

Automotive shoppers appreciate cars that have a tidy interior. If your vehicle has a smelly or filthy cabin, you won’t be able to sell the car at a high price. Auto detailing services are very valuable because the technicians uses special tools to tackle different tasks within a vehicle. They vacuum carpeting, clean cup holders, and remove stains fast and efficiently. If certain exterior surfaces aren’t in optimum condition, the detailers can enhance the finish by polishing the paint, bumpers, and tires.

Auto detailing services aren’t cheap because most technicians charge customers based on the procedures that must be implemented. However, a typical crew will complete a basic detailing project for $200. You may have to pay more for advanced service packages since specialized equipment will be required. For example, if your car has a foul odor, the crew will have to eliminate the scent by using an ozone machine.

Keep the Car Clean

Depending on the environment, a lot of debris may gather on your vehicle over time. This is why you must wash your car once a week if you don’t have a garage.

Strategic Procedures

The photographs that you take of your car can influence a sale. To produce the best results, you’ll need to place multiple photographs in all of your listings. Customers will want to see clear pictures of the tires, seats, and navigation components.

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