Size Large: Single Door Dent Protection Panel


The size large door dent protection panel safe-guards a single side of your vehicle. It provides maximum protection with its impact-resistant and flexible design that contours to the shape of your vehicle.

The single panel size large is ideal for those that only need to protect a single side of their vehicle in the parking lot.

Durability options:

  1. Regular strength for excellent protection from usual impact to vehicle.
  2. Heavy-duty strength with an added layer for those who face extreme, continuous door-dings.
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  • 1 single panel for a single side of vehicle
  • Panel measures 10″ by 70″ for maximum protection
  • Choice between regular or heavy duty model
  • Popular for larger vehicles, such as SUVs or trucks
  • Shipping within the continental United States is included.  Shipping outside of the continental United States calculated upon checkout. Questions? Contact us here.

DentGoalie is the leader in car door protection, featured in AAA magazineIn The KnowInteresting Engineering, and many more. With over 5 years of experience and results-driven research, our patented car door guards are made of EVA foam that contours to the shape of your vehicle for maximum door dent protection.

Our car door guards offer a firm grip made from polyer-resign and rubber coating that also prevents scratching. Each panel also comes with a steel security cord that is attached to the inside of your vehicle to protect your car door guards from any theft that might occur.

The size large single panel is meant to protect one side of your vehicle with the utmost protection, whereas our double size large protects both sides of your vehicle. We recommend this single panel for those that may have a wall parking spot where only one side of their vehicle is exposed.

Size Lg Note: Magnet strips on large panels will accommodate <120 degrees surface temps on vehicles. Hot sun for several hours may exceed max temp recommendation especially on a dark vehicle. Any overheated rubber material can deteriorate. Recommended to avoid prolonged periods on vehicle in high temps and sun, or long periods stored in trunk in high temps and direct sunlight on trunk.  Size Small panels recommended in these conditions.

Shipping Weight:

6 lbs

Shipping Dimensions:

47" x 11" x 3"


Regular Usage, Heavy Duty

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