Are you a speed demon or a slow poke on the road? Well, that may be relative depending on where in the world you live.  Speed limits around the world may vary more than you think. While in some places the limit is strictly enforced, other countries don’t have speed limits at all.  Buckle up as we take a virtual road trip around the world. Here’s a breakdown of the speed limits around the world by country.


Most places in the U.S have a limit of around 60 or 70 mph for two lane highways, depending on the state. 11 States have a limit of 75 mph. If you really want to put the petal to the medal, you’ll have to go to Texas, which has the highest limit of 80 or 85 mph on specified segments of interstate highways.


Germany is quite liberal when it comes to speed, as there aren’t any speed limits at all. But this doesn’t mean that everyone is driving around like a maniac. The average speed in around 88 mph on the autobahn roads.


Across the pond in Iceland, the average speed is about 30 miles per hour while driving through towns and villages. Outside while driving in the town the maximum speed limit is about 55 miles per hour. Better make sure you don’t get a speeding ticket if you’re ever driving in Iceland!


In contrast, Poland has some of the fastest highways in the world. A speed limit of 87 mph is enforced very liberally along the Autostradas. Many places in Bulgaria and Slovakia have similar speed limits set as well.


The speed limit in China is around 75 mph, which is similar to the U.S. However, China didn’t always have limits. Its first road-related law only came into place May 1, 2004.


The national speed limit in India is about 62 mph, which is liberally enforced depending on what part of India you are visiting. Some interstate highways are notorious for being extremely dangerous in India, most notably the Mumbai-Pune expressway. Majority of the drivers don’t follow the speed limit, and some reaching as fast as 110 mph.


Anything goes in the outback. Up until a few years ago, speed limits didn’t exist in the Northern Territory highways. Now a default of 81 mph is very liberally enforces, mainly to avoid kangaroo collisions.

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